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WP Hosting Club Ambassadors Program


As a Start Up Company we are looking for Partners helping us on our way to success. That’s why we created the WP Hosting Club Ambassadors Program. In this program you will have a lot of responsibility and a lot of advantages.


  • Higher Commissions
  • Second-level Commissions
  • Free Web Hosting first 6 months
  • Special Hosting Conditions: Pro Plan at the price of the Starter Plan or ProPlus Plan at the price of the Pro Plan
  • Regional or National Exclusivity; Only 12 Ambassadors Worldwide
  • Benefits Sharing Program
  • Free Affiliate Training
  • 50% of your Marketing and Advertising costs will be redeemed (maximum $500) under two conditions:
    You must submit your marketing and advertising plan for acceptance:
    You must at the least generate a yearly total net turnover of more than $ 2,500


  • You’re a kind of Beta-tester of our hosting programs. We are awaiting from you a real critical report on our services.
  • You shall submit in the first 30 days a video or written testimonial.
  • You must insert at least one (1) full banner on your home page and one other banner on the others pages and posts. You should write one post (review) regarding the WP Hosting Club Service with at least 2 text links or for commercial and company websites  at least 3 text links.
  • You must be the owner of one or more websites with at least 1,000 unique visitors a month.
  • As part of our WP Hosting Club Community, you will help your referrals and other customers in our Q&A – Knowledge Base or through our chat support. Your activity there will be taken in account for the Benefits Sharing Program.
  • You must agree to the philosophy of WP Hosting Club: Giving Satisfaction to all our Customers



Our Commission Plans for WP Hosting Club Ambassadors

45% one-time commission on the yearly plan and 15% recurring and lifelong on the following years. These commissions will be upgraded to 50% (one time) and 20% (recurring) for more than five referrals per calendar month.

You will get a one-time commission of 10% on all yearly plans of your sub-affiliates new referrals ( a sub-affiliate is a referral customer of yours getting an affiliate) 

35% recurring commission during the 12 first months afterwards 20% lifelong on the following years. These commissions will be upgraded to 40% (one time) and 25% (recurring) for more than five referrals per calendar month. 

WordPress Design and Set Up: One-time commission of 30 % on all Plans. For domain registrations, WordPress Themes and Plugins no commissions are paid, but we will take them in consideration for our annual benefit shares.

For all WP Hosting Club Ambassadors we guarantee a regional or national exclusivity. There will be  only 12 Ambassadors:

  • USA and Canada: 3 Ambassadors
  • Mexico, Middle- and South America: 2 Ambassadors
  • Europe: 3 Ambassadors
  • Africa and Middle East: 1 Ambassador
  • Asia: 2 Ambassadors
  • Australia and New Zeeland: 1 Ambassador
    But be aware, you must earn the Ambassador status. After 12 months, we see that you don’t have any or only few referrals (monthly net turnover less than  $ 50.-) you could loose the Ambassador status.


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